Student Author: 
Pavel Tsolov
May 2017
Maya Przybylski

The context of this project originates from the notion of two ideologies:

1.understanding context in Christopher Alexander’s terms in order to solve a problem relating to form:“The context is that part of the world which puts demand on this form;anything in the world that makes demandsof the formis context...We want to put thecontext and the form into effortless contact of frictionless coexistence”.

2.having a tool that would highlight useful services and features in close proximity ofa specific site selected by the user.

The combination of these two ideologies would ideally result in a program that will be able toidentifysite context. It will allowthe user to navigate through a map with pre-generated site data from the city and enable them to select a specific pointon the mapso they will bemade aware of the approximate surrounding physical and social elements of the selected site.